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Hello … Meet Sonia…  .. She is the girl carrying a vintage chair through a field with three little ducklings skipping along beside her..!!! Yup that would be her!!

(ahh finding the balance is a true art!)


From a young age,  she has always had an attraction to vintage pieces, european antiques, and feminine lines of heirloom furniture.  Being a daughter of a hard working Italian Immigrant mamma  and a torch welding Steel making daddy……..  One could say she grew up with the perfect combination of European elegance and Industrial grit! Mix the two together and there started her love affair with true rough lux style. At the time she didnt know it had a name,  but she always loved the mix and match of true fancy pants furniture and soft textiles with a bit of metal to top it off!

When she is not hammering, painting, staining,  reupholstering, or driving a truck with a variety of random vintage pieces, you can find her home cozying up with her crazy little family which recently has gotten one little person bigger! She is a proud mama bear of three young kiddos and she is lucky enough to have a very supportive husband. When he isn’t slaying himself with his full time job and then some,  you can find him knee deep in one of Sonia’s crazy projects with his circular saw or nail gun ( he loves that thing) or by her side as they head to a clients event in their  big ol truck…There is something about grit and grind that they really love and is truly satisfying for them.


Faccia Fresca is Italian for “Fresh Face”…and that is exactly what they try to do with all of their vintage pieces… give them a fresh start by curating them together for a beautiful styled feel. They rescue them and give them a new lease on life! Many of their pieces are rescued, reupholstered, repaired, stained, sanded, and even built from scratch from salvaged old barn wood, antique table legs, or rusty steel and pipe! Each piece in their collection is truly unique.  They  breath new life into these abandoned beauties  and  curate them together for a beautiful styled feel.

Faccia Fresca Vintage is a boutique specialty rental shop located in Arlington,Va just steps from our Nations Capital. They offer a unique and eclectic collection of both current and vintage pieces to give your event that authentic styled look.  After all Vintage can mean many things and represent many styles. Are you an Industrial Hipster,  an Eclectic Boho,  Romantically Classic,  or Farmhouse French? Which ever your style may be Faccia Fresca Vintage collections are ever-changing and growing to make your special event a reflection of you.

Cant find what you had in mind?  Please reach out to request a special piece as they are always searching for treasure and would love to help you find that special nugget.


In addition to Rentals, Faccia Fresca now offers a cozy, boutique  home natural light studio for intimate photo sessions such as boudoir, maternity, smash cake, head shots, mini sessions and more with use of our ultra cool inventory. You can find more information about our studio under our STUDIO tab in our menu bar.

Email to visit the studio space, or for a custom consultation on rental pieces for your event.